Definition of sex crime in US English:

sex crime


  • A crime involving sexual assault or having a sexual motive.

    ‘steps to control press reporting of rape and other sex crimes’
    mass noun ‘sex crime is on the rise’
    • ‘Raping someone isn't the same as borrowing money; a debt can be paid, but a sex crime can't be undone.’
    • ‘Tonight, it was the Hollywood sex crime that shocked America.’
    • ‘Hanson, however, estimates that close to half the released sex offenders eventually commit another sex crime.’
    • ‘Violent crime, which includes public order offences, sex crime and physical assaults, is down six per cent in York, and vehicle crime is down by 13 per cent.’
    • ‘And when someone close to the psychologist finds herself a victim of a sex crime, the stakes are raised even higher.’
    • ‘It does not matter if the person has committed a sex crime in the past or not.’
    • ‘Each time he has been paroled from prison he has committed another sex crime, but authorities now consider him a ‘low to moderate’ risk.’
    • ‘Eight years on he is trying to change his behaviour to make sure he will never be tempted to carry out another sex crime.’
    • ‘An illegal alien who now commits a sex crime will be prosecuted and jailed.’
    • ‘She was not sexually assaulted and she may have been stripped to make the murder resemble a sex crime.’
    • ‘It has been creating waves in Kerala for the past few years by indicting famous politicians for sex crimes.’
    • ‘This money is better spent tackling real crime problems like muggings, assaults, sex crimes, etc.’
    • ‘Twelve percent were for violent offenses, including murder, assault and sex crimes.’
    • ‘Ohio even tried unsuccessfully to classify it as a sex crime.’
    • ‘One of the suspects, who was interrogated by police for an alleged sex crime, also admitted to being part of the conspiracy.’
    • ‘This isn't the first time the victim, or alleged victim, of a sex crime has had her name and face posted online.’
    • ‘If a victim of a sex crime cannot have a cigarette at his or her place of work, and they know that the person who perpetrated that crime can smoke in his or her prison cell, what sort of legislation are we passing here?’
    • ‘According to Home Office figures, only 2% of convicted child sex offenders ever go on to commit another sex crime against a child.’
    • ‘Despite the nature of the charges, he would be far from the first celebrity to make a comeback from sex crime.’
    • ‘California requires DNA sampling only from those convicted for violent felonies and some sex crimes.’


sex crime

/seks krīm/