Definition of sewage in English:



  • Waste water and excrement conveyed in sewers.

    • ‘The water manages to get into the sewage system causing the waste to surge up out of the manholes.’
    • ‘Usually the water mixes with the raw sewage, clogging up the drainage system.’
    • ‘She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she climbed out of her car and was hit with the stench of sewage and garbage.’
    • ‘When it rains, the water carries sewage with it into the lake, polluting the water.’
    • ‘It was also delivering water to the camp, where many mains and sewage pipes are broken.’
    • ‘There the experts were noting that farm drugs are turning up increasingly in sewage and ground water.’
    • ‘The survey of the area revealed sewage contamination of the drinking water supply.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for Wessex Water said there was no choice but to pump diluted sewage into rivers.’
    • ‘It has no paved roads, no sewage treatment system and no landline telephones.’
    • ‘The problem of piped water and sewage disposal in the UK was solved over 150 years ago.’
    • ‘One of the main concerns about the plan centred on the inadequacy of the current sewage system.’
    • ‘The lake has now become a dumping ground for the city's sewage and industrial waste.’
    • ‘The order arose after many of the wells were found to be contaminated with human sewage.’
    • ‘We want guarantees of investment in transport links, sewage treatment and water supply.’
    • ‘Who would eat something that has spent its life treading water around sewage outlets?’
    • ‘A court directive to stop letting sewage into the storm water drain is not yet enforced.’
    • ‘One pipe had been blocked by fat from the kitchens, forcing raw sewage into the water course.’
    • ‘Homeowners whose gardens were flooded with raw sewage are still waiting for the waste to be cleared up.’
    • ‘Power is produced by fermenting raw sewage at the new Bournemouth treatment works.’
    • ‘In fact, sewage had seeped into the town's water supplies and contaminated the water.’
    dirt, muck, grime, mud, mire, sludge, slime, ooze, foul matter
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Mid 19th century: from sewer, by substitution of the suffix -age.