Definition of severity in English:



  • The fact or condition of being severe.

    ‘sentences should reflect the severity of the crime’
    ‘hay fever symptoms vary in severity’
    ‘she stared at me with mock severity’
    • ‘But his severity made him unpopular with the boys and he was passed over for promotion.’
    • ‘Magistrates told Lawrence that the severity of the offences could warrant a custodial term.’
    • ‘The severity and frequency of weather conditions were to blame for the financial situation.’
    • ‘After two or three days of illness, pains of extraordinary severity develop.’
    • ‘Other measures will have to be used depending on the severity and type of problem.’
    acuteness, seriousness, gravity, graveness, severeness, grievousness, extremity
    strength, intensity, ferocity, fierceness, violence, power, powerfulness, force, forcefulness
    harshness, severeness, cold, coldness, bleakness, extremity
    harshness, strictness, hardness, sternness, toughness, rigorousness, rigour, stringency, inflexibility, relentlessness, pitilessness, ruthlessness
    sternness, dourness, grimness, sombreness, unfriendliness, graveness, gravity, soberness, seriousness, austereness, austerity, stiffness, flintiness, stoniness, steeliness
    plainness, simplicity, restraint, lack of adornment, lack of decoration, lack of ornament, lack of embellishment, austerity, spareness, starkness
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