Definition of seven seas in US English:

seven seas

plural noun

the seven seas
  • All the oceans of the world (conventionally listed as the Arctic, Antarctic, North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Indian Oceans).

    • ‘The older tradesmen who worked there had often literally sailed the seven seas - often in wartime.’
    • ‘They sail upon the seven seas, in vessels big and tiny.’
    • ‘I know of the vast seven seas, I've seen it all!’
    • ‘I explained that this stood for the seven continents and the seven seas of the world.’
    • ‘Crossing the seven seas they came from distant lands.’
    • ‘Being the leader of a country that had the seven seas under its control, I know that very well.’
    • ‘This is the land that once attracted merchants and mariners from across the seven seas, eager for a share in the wealth of the land.’
    • ‘Imagine us - two pirates sailing the seven seas.’
    • ‘I've travelled the world and the seven seas.’
    • ‘And Dutch cartographers and map makers were as dominant in Europe as Dutch ships on the seven seas of the world.’
    • ‘When she was little, she imagined them as pirates who were famous swordsmen and owned the fastest ship on the seven seas.’
    • ‘He sailed the seven seas for many years and was respected by all who sailed with him.’
    • ‘They have also sailed the seven seas as a star attraction on some of the world's greatest cruise liners including the QE2.’
    • ‘From the 18th century, a trickle of Indian emissaries, visitors and Indian wives of British colonialists crossed the seven seas.’
    • ‘His ship, Englander, was one of the largest and most reputable on all the seven seas.’
    • ‘The albacore is a fish of the seven seas, but is most abundant in the open waters of the Indo-Pacific, and in the Atlantic.’
    • ‘She was the scourge of the King's navy, and especially the mad Admiral De'Ath, as she sailed the seven seas aboard her decrepit Sea Cow.’
    • ‘These were not legal sailors, who roamed the seven seas in the name of their King and Country, these were pirates.’
    • ‘We pretended that vehicle sailed the seven seas or hurtled through outer space.’
    • ‘Lizzie ensures that he receives fond letters back regaling him with tales from the seven seas.’


seven seas

/ˈsɛvən siz/