Definition of settle someone's hash in US English:

settle someone's hash


  • Deal with and subdue someone in no uncertain manner.

    • ‘That would have settled his hash, and it made me feel better when I realized I could have said it.’
    • ‘I could exercise my constitutional right to firearms ownership and just go up in a tower and start shooting until a police sniper settles my hash.’
    • ‘The Professor strongly suspects defamation lawyers will settle Marr 's hash.’
    • ‘Alphonso - that's the big buck leopard - got nasty this morning and settled his hash.’
    • ‘In the best of all possible worlds this despot would be unseated by the electorate; in the worst a coup might settle his hash.’
    • ‘The failure in the Dardanelles and the Russian collapse settled our hash in the Near East for the time being.’