Definition of sett in US English:


(also set)


  • 1The lair or burrow of a badger.

    • ‘Some terriers' tails were cropped because it made it easier for them to get into badger setts, fox dens and the like.’
    • ‘A Pembrokeshire county councillor faces up to six months in prison after being found guilty of deliberately destroying badger setts on land he was developing.’
    • ‘The ‘graves’ were later found to be badger setts but Mrs Bryden said she and Huntley had discussed the possibility that the girls could be dead.’
    • ‘We want to make sure the release sites have no slug pellets, dogs, badger sets or ponds which the hedgehogs could fall into.’
    • ‘However, the plans must change as the proposed route runs through a badger sett and it would be illegal to disturb them.’
    • ‘The families suffered a night of unbearable suspense before the disturbed earth was revealed as nothing more than two badger setts.’
    • ‘Scottish Natural Heritage and the Highland Council have joined forces with developers to commission a major survey of badgers and their setts.’
    • ‘Lothian and Borders Police said the pair had also been charged with allegedly breaching badger protection laws after badger setts were found to have been tampered with.’
    • ‘Many hunts take steps the night before, or early on the day of the hunt, to block up the entrances to earths, badger setts and artificial places such as drains.’
    • ‘After a little fumbling around, Brock grinned widely and with a grunt pulled a very large, very angry badger out of his sett.’
    • ‘Badgers and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which makes it illegal to kill, injure or take badgers, or interfere with a sett.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, animal welfare officers in West Lothian discovered a destroyed sett and two dead badgers, one of them a cub.’
    • ‘Juxtaposed with this is the idea that the blatantly violent removal of the badger from the sett and the unceremonious act of the diggers disturbs and changes nature irreparably.’
    • ‘Badgers inherit setts from their parents, generation after generation, while always expanding and refining them.’
    • ‘Swindon is blessed with many badger setts around the town but the rapid growth taking place has seen many of our badgers put at risk.’
    • ‘But the report says experts from the council's countryside section have inspected the site and found no evidence of badger setts or habitats for deer.’
    • ‘His mother gave birth to him and his brother in a garage in Cumbria because all the badger setts had been flooded.’
    • ‘The agency's engineers are now installing a cat flap-style door at the entrance to the sett which allows the badgers out but not back in.’
    • ‘Nature lovers today spoke out against plans to build a residential home for the elderly in Church Road, Hadleigh after it was revealed the move could destroy a badger sett.’
    • ‘A friend of mine, who is involved in retailing, recently suffered an unfortunate incident with a badger sett while out walking.’
    burrow, lair, den, covert, earth, drey, retreat, shelter, cave
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  • 2The particular pattern of stripes in a tartan.

    kind, sort, variety, class, category, classification, group, set, bracket, genre, genus, species, family, order, breed, race, strain
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Middle English: variant of set, the spelling with -tt prevailing in technical senses.