Definition of set someone apart in US English:

set someone apart

phrasal verb

  • Give someone an air of unusual superiority.

    ‘his blunt views set him apart’
    • ‘He had no distinguishing physical qualities setting him apart from the other Marines.’
    • ‘Name one unusual physical attribute that sets you apart from the crowd.’
    • ‘Unusual plots with strange twists have set him apart from other ‘predictable’ commercial Hindi film directors.’
    • ‘Our common emotional heritage goes deeper than the cultural differences that set us apart.’
    • ‘You were the smartest kid in that sophomore class by far, but with a modesty that set you apart from many of your arrogant classmates.’
    • ‘The enlarged brain and highly developed cognitive abilities is one of the fundamental differences that sets us apart from our close relatives, the nonhuman primates.’
    • ‘So what makes him different, what sets him apart from those who haven't achieved his level of recognition?’
    • ‘She wouldn't change her hair color for the world; it was a feature that was quite distinctive, that set her apart from her family.’
    • ‘In a way, that sets me apart more than my having conservative views.’
    • ‘I wanted to do something different that would set us apart.’
    distinguish, differentiate, mark off, mark out, single out, make different, separate, demarcate
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