Definition of set on (or upon) in US English:

set on (or upon)

phrasal verb

  • Attack (someone) violently.

    • ‘He stated that another girl who tried to stop the attack on his daughter was then set upon as the melee escalated.’
    • ‘One night I saw one girl just set upon another one and she hammered her.’
    • ‘As he was running away, Johnny fell to the ground and was set upon.’
    • ‘But as he was fleeing he stumbled and was set upon, stabbed and beaten.’
    • ‘He was set upon by two attackers near his home on Saturday.’
    • ‘They met up with a third school friend and the four walked to an alleyway nearby where the three attackers suddenly set upon their victim.’
    • ‘He then gave his attackers the wrong number but was set upon again after they realised he had tried to trick them.’
    • ‘He himself was set upon by unknown attackers as he witnessed things he refuses to talk about.’
    • ‘Years ago he and 10 colleagues were violently set upon outside a club.’
    • ‘The majority of these were against young boys and girls who were set upon by violent thugs as they made their way home late at night.’
    attack, assail, assault, hit, strike, beat, give someone a beating, thrash, pound, pummel, wallop, hammer, tear into, set about, set upon, fall on, turn on, let fly at
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