Definition of set-aside in US English:



  • 1The policy of taking land out of production to reduce crop surpluses.

    • ‘Farmers needing to graze their animals on set-aside land should write to their Regional Service Centre for permission.’
    • ‘Ireland sought a derogation for the use of set-aside land some weeks ago in view of the persistent wet weather conditions this year.’
    • ‘I believe farmers would benefit from tougher antitrust laws and probably from a voluntary set-aside program for major field crops.’
    • ‘Most of the land had been included in EU set-aside schemes and a riding school was operating on the remaining part of the farm.’
    • ‘As well as the cows we have five sheep on set-aside land and arable for feed.’
    • ‘Topping the question list was continued concern that farmers disadvantaged by the foot-and-mouth cull would fall foul of new environmental rules requiring set-aside on temporary grassland.’
    1. 1.1 Land taken out of production to reduce crop surpluses.
      ‘he has fifty acres of set-aside’
      • ‘Covering every acre of agricultural set-aside with short coppice willow and burning every scrap of carbon neutral forestry residue might scrape up another four per cent!’
  • 2US A government contract awarded without competition to a minority-owned business.

    • ‘I do not support racial quotas, preferences, or set-asides, which perpetuate divisions and can lead people to question the accomplishments of successful minorities.’
    • ‘‘Courts across the nation are striking down racial preferences and set-asides,’ they said in a prepared statement.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the courts have struck down minority set-asides and affirmative action programs at all levels of government.’
    • ‘The same is true for the perspective of electing more black mayors and city officials and promoting minority-owned businesses through affirmative action set-asides.’
    • ‘More companies in the services sector can now qualify for government set-asides and other forms of aid, according to the Small Business Administration.’
    • ‘His core component of municipal projects was minority business set-asides.’
  • 3US A portion of funds or other resources reserved for a particular purpose.

    ‘a set-aside for library services for Native Americans’
    • ‘It has been at least 15 years since any appreciable number of CDC houses or apartments got Section 8 set-asides.’
    • ‘Our efforts on public policy had lofty legislative goals and led to the passage of the Weeks Bill in 1911, which allowed for new federal reserve set-asides for the purpose of protecting watersheds.’
    • ‘It's been forgotten, though, that he was also in favor of racial set-asides, reparations for slavery, a socialist economy, and class war.’



/set əˈsīd//sɛt əˈsaɪd/