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  • 1A meeting of a deliberative or judicial body to conduct its business.

    • ‘Purvanov and Ciampi will attend the closing session of a Bulgarian-Italian business forum.’
    • ‘Additional information will be provided during the special sessions to be conducted at this Annual Meeting and in the fall.’
    • ‘The new rules seek tougher penalties for legislators who absent themselves from a hearing, a session or a deliberation on a bill.’
    • ‘Yes, there are a lot of speeches and meetings at the U.N., especially during the annual sessions of the General Assembly.’
    • ‘A garden party for the members was held in the afternoon, followed by the first session of business.’
    • ‘President Danny Terry conducted this session of the business meeting.’
    • ‘Council passed a motion that further questions on the sessions not be discussed again at council meetings.’
    • ‘Akbar said the House's endorsement of the 45 candidates was a three-stage process, including a plenary session of the legislative body.’
    • ‘It was a small, intimate gathering and some delegates chose to skip the sessions to make business deals.’
    • ‘At the annual session of the General Assembly in September 2002, he began an effort to win its support for the war and never succeeded.’
    • ‘Members can address questions or issues during open forum sessions held during every meeting of Provincial Council.’
    • ‘The officials were conducting a special session of Parliament to discuss crime fighting measures at the time of the protest.’
    • ‘Two sessions were conducted at a meeting of general internists.’
    • ‘Final determination shall be made by delegates at the business session of the annual NACTA conference.’
    • ‘After voting, they returned to their plenary sessions to discuss party business.’
    • ‘Before we begin, I want to say a word about how we intend to conduct the session.’
    • ‘In a plenary session of the National Assembly, 209 out of 266 who cast ballots voted to override the veto, while 54 voted against it.’
    • ‘Conducting the session was the president himself.’
    • ‘Sources said there was a proposal to conduct a plenary session of the AICC in May or June next year and complete organisational elections in all the states before that deadline.’
    • ‘The members were very impressed with all the programs and the professional manner in which the sessions were conducted.’
    meeting, sitting, assembly, conclave, plenary
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    1. 1.1 A period during which meetings conducted by judicial bodies are regularly held.
      ‘legislation to curb wildcat strikes will be introduced during the coming parliamentary session’
      • ‘This would clear the way for it to go to the Lords before the end of the parliamentary session in the autumn.’
      • ‘The law was to have been passed during the parliamentary session which ended last Monday.’
      • ‘With limited time left until the end of the parliamentary session in November, the bill may be squeezed out by higher priorities.’
      • ‘The announcement from Lord Goldsmith came in a written statement slipped to the House of Lords on the last day of the parliamentary session.’
      • ‘On the political side of gay issues, a motion passed last week in the House of Commons to extend the parliamentary session for a few more days to pass additional legislation.’
      • ‘Council officers fear that if it is not cleared before the end of the Parliamentary session in November, it is likely to be lost.’
      • ‘Should we not put an end to the legislative ping-pong at the end of the parliamentary session by curbing the powers of the Lords and improving scrutiny in the Commons?’
      • ‘Filled with enthusiasm, the parliamentary chairman used to explain in the first days of the parliamentary sessions that he does not want security guards and a Mercedes.’
      • ‘Peers will be given two days to debate the measure, which has to be passed before the parliamentary session finishes next month.’
      • ‘But it is clear that Tony Abbott has opened the door on this issue in his bid to get the Democrats across the line by the end of the Parliamentary session on the fourth of December.’
      • ‘And whatever the gallery does in between parliamentary sessions it is clearly not the study of official reports and policy.’
    2. 1.2 The period during which a school has classes.
      • ‘Thankfully, none of our senior house officers and registrars seemed to notice it during the teaching session that afternoon.’
      • ‘I simply wanted the teaching session to finish earlier.’
      • ‘You may need additional childcare as most preschools operate three-hour sessions, with normal school holidays of around 13 weeks a year.’
      • ‘The teaching session lasted approximately two hours and involved two gynaecology teaching associates teaching four students.’
      academic year, school year
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  • 2A period devoted to a particular activity.

    ‘gym is followed by a training session’
    • ‘If you don't have that much time, two 10-minute aerobic activity sessions will benefit you almost as much.’
    • ‘Each of the men is involved in at least two physical activity sessions per week.’
    • ‘Counselling sessions will be conducted at the Centre every Tuesday evening.’
    • ‘The Filipino Youth Alliance will be conducting outreach sessions in local schools in British Columbia.’
    • ‘The company developed the play over a three-month period through intense workshop sessions.’
    • ‘The workout session is conducted outside Chaos Clothing, Jones's retail clothing business in south Minneapolis.’
    • ‘Prayer sessions, conducted on Thursday evenings, moved to full Sunday service and later an extensive ministry.’
    • ‘It will include a variety of activities and information sessions.’
    • ‘He was in the city on Wednesday, to conduct a reading session and to launch the paperback edition of his debut book.’
    • ‘All are welcome to attend either training session given by a fully qualified instructor.’
    • ‘I went along to a training session community activists had organised to help migrants who must live in the skyscrapers' shadows.’
    • ‘Mr McGrath said a storytelling session would be conducted by Geraldton Regional Library staff to entertain children.’
    • ‘Today we extend a warm welcome to Bridget O'Gorman who will conduct a reflexology session with the group.’
    • ‘We've asked the gym if they will run more children's activity sessions.’
    • ‘She undertook many activities and therapy sessions with children but none ever made any allegation of abuse to her.’
    • ‘In a laughter club, many members are encouraged to conduct the sessions.’
    • ‘Printmaking has come to the Mid West with Perth printmaking instructor Vicki O'Shea conducting several sessions this week.’
    • ‘The viewing session was a stand-alone activity and did not include any post-viewing discussion or writing.’
    • ‘The remaining laboratory sessions were dedicated to activities such as forage analysis and pasture allocation.’
    • ‘Rehearsals and training in question-and-answer sessions are being conducted at different locations around the Naval Base.’
    period, time, spell, stretch, bout
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    1. 2.1 A period of recording music in a studio, especially by a session musician.
      ‘he did the sessions for a Great Country Hits album’
      • ‘After three years and an excruciating studio session, Our Lady Peace are back.’
      • ‘Some were just out-takes from studio sessions that I just thought were funny and/or apt.’
      • ‘If I could have been at a recording session, it would have been with Miles Davis.’
      • ‘Gone are the days when huge dance floor fillers are created in four-hour drug-fuelled studio sessions.’
      • ‘I had been doing record sessions in Nashville with the old A-Team guys, like Grady Martin and Floyd Kramer.’
    2. 2.2informal A period of heavy or sustained drinking.
      • ‘Lowe attacked his father at the family home in Walkden, following a heavy drinking session in October 2003.’
      • ‘Mr White believes this triggered a downward spiral fuelled by heavy drinking sessions.’
      • ‘To make matters worse we drifted into a heavy drinking session.’
      • ‘After a heavy drinking session, a man went to his girlfriend's house and found he had been locked out.’
      • ‘Meanwhile the usual Friday night session continues in Perry's village tavern each Friday night.’
      • ‘Gardner may have sunk a few pints in an afternoon drinking session with his brother, but the freelance chef and occasional actor isn't a serial killer plotting the disposal of his latest victim.’
      • ‘But, the inquest heard, after a long drinking session, which went on and off from 4pm to 2am, Mr Clarke decided to drive back to York.’
      • ‘This is a nocturnal distraction to accompany the bored army's vodka sessions.’
      • ‘In early September, after a binge drinking session, he collapsed in the street and was rushed by ambulance to York Hospital where he was treated and discharged.’
      • ‘A party or drinking session was held in the area because it was littered with lager cans, empty bottles and even the remains of a bag of coal.’
      • ‘A heavy drinking session ended with one of a group of young friends collapsing in a spa bath after mixing drugs and alcohol, an inquest was told.’
      • ‘The court was told Lewis-Kite did not cooperate with the police or council and was herself involved in heavy drinking sessions.’
      • ‘Both had done all the right things, the family said - they stayed together, avoided heavy drinking sessions, and kept their distance from local youths.’
      • ‘He then defined binge drinking as consuming four pints in one session.’
      • ‘Apparently she joined the festivities at the Pattaya Bike weekend and engaged in a heavy drinking session.’
      • ‘It was a heavy drinking session that led to unprotected sex.’
      • ‘The court heard that Wood's flat was a regular venue for heavy drinking sessions, and that Mr Robinson and Ms Bulmer were living there temporarily.’
      • ‘And it's a lot healthier than saving your quota up for binge sessions at the end of the week.’
      • ‘One morning sore-headed from a Sunday drinking session, he was making up the children's packed lunches and saw pure fear in the eyes of his nine-year-old son.’
      • ‘We've organised a heavy drinking session for the weekend already.’
      drinking bout, binge
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  • 3The governing body of a Presbyterian Church.


  • in session

    • Assembled for or proceeding with business.

      • ‘A lawyer told me the courts were in session but all cases were being routinely continued.’
      • ‘Now when I got over to the Capitol five minutes later, the House, which had been in session, went into recess.’
      • ‘Today, the youth court is in session, as it is once a week.’
      • ‘This was made up of magnates who enjoyed freedom of speech while the assembly was in session.’
      • ‘No court was in session on that day because no judge or justice of the peace was in court.’
      • ‘Opponents claimed it was unconstitutional since it was issued when parliament was not in session.’
      • ‘As it turned out, the court had not been in session until 12 pm.’
      • ‘Judge Alex is rounding up the usual suspects and court is now in session.’
      • ‘Staff in the parliament work to impossible deadlines, can't take holidays when the parliament is in session and work excessive hours.’
      • ‘Now Congress is back in session, but is it any closer to taking action?’


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin sessio(n-), from sess- ‘seated’ (see sessile).