Definition of servlet in US English:



  • A small, server-resident program that typically runs automatically in response to user input.

    ‘students will build servlets that generate web pages and communicate with other Java servers’
    • ‘Developers then create servlets that instantiate that class, use methods to replace the mock-up text with dynamically generated content and send the document to the user's browser.’
    • ‘When a JSP is first invoked, it is automatically turned into a servlet.’
    • ‘The entire system runs in Oracle; the query front ends are rendered in extensible markup language from Java servlets.’
    • ‘While programmers are not especially daunted by servlets, graphic designers might feel otherwise.’
    • ‘Worse, the servlet did not require any user authentication to access or upload report files, according to ISS.’
    • ‘With Java, applets were the iconic idea but servlets were the catalyst for adoption.’
    • ‘Used in conjunction with the optional WebAccess Application Server, the authenticated identity of the user can also be securely presented to JAVA servlets running on an application server.’
    • ‘The same discussion extends into the next chapter when it discusses JSP and coupling JSP with servlets.’
    • ‘Unlike standard Java servlets, presentation objects are instantiated once for each HTTP request.’
    • ‘It is used to control web page content via servlets, which are little programs that run on a web server.’


1990s: blend of applet and server.