Definition of serve someone right in US English:

serve someone right


  • Be someone's deserved punishment or misfortune.

    ‘it would serve you right if Jeff walked out on you’
    • ‘Their scheming, however, will backfire when they find themselves sidelined and excluded from any future debates on major world affairs and might I say - it serves them right!’
    • ‘I had a head under the covers morning, following on and serving me right for my festive over-indulgence at dinner last night.’
    • ‘Ah well… serves me right for trying to have a social life, right?’
    • ‘He was correct as usual, and it basically served me right.’
    • ‘It would serve them right if they were shut down as a result of the same disregard for public opinion and democracy.’
    • ‘If you're dumb enough to walk into a sign it serves you right, you do not deserve money.’
    • ‘I mean, it serves them right for including such a confusing item on their checklist, right?’
    • ‘Yes I know it would serve us right for our wastefulness and greed and selfishness and indifference to the lives of millions of people on this planet who have never enjoyed what we take for granted.’
    • ‘It serves them right for charging a ridiculous amount to park and for not ensuring the safety of our cars.’
    • ‘Instead, he told me it served me right for looking to a place like that for self-affirmation.’