Definition of serositis in US English:



  • Inflammation of a serous membrane.

    • ‘Common manifestations of drug-induced LE include arthritis, serositis, and rashes.’
    • ‘The pleuritis, seen in 5 of 7 cases of serositis, was morphologically similar to the peritonitis, and E bieneusi organisms were visible within the pleural mesothelial cells.’
    • ‘Retrospective analysis revealed E bieneusi proliferative serositis in 7 of 16 cases of peritonitis of unknown origin, suggesting that the organism may represent a common cause of peritonitis in the immunocompromised host.’
    • ‘Ascites with low SAAG may be seen in patients with connective tissue diseases due to serositis in the absence of portal hypertension.’
    • ‘DNA was isolated from snap frozen abdominal fluid, pleura, and peritoneum obtained at necropsy from 5 of the 7 animals with proliferative serositis.’