Definition of seroprevalence in US English:



  • The level of a pathogen in a population, as measured in blood serum.

    • ‘The HIV seroprevalence among women attending antenatal clinics increased from 1.2 to 5.2% between 1994 and 1998.’
    • ‘In addition, because HIV infection was a risk factor for serious adverse reactions, incidence may be higher in populations with higher HIV seroprevalence.’
    • ‘We compared differences in seroprevalence and proportions of groups with a positive history by using the test; we also analysed other variables (unadjusted and adjusted) using logistic regression.’
    • ‘The seroprevalence of Miami donors stayed relatively constant - 0.09% - during the study period.’
    • ‘In endemic areas such as Africa, Asia, and South America there is a relatively high seroprevalence of antibodies to the organism.’