Definition of seroconvert in US English:



[no object]Medicine
  • (of a person) undergo a change from a seronegative to a seropositive condition.

    ‘other clinical symptoms did not differ between drug users who seroconverted and those who remained negative for HIV’
    • ‘All 12 women seroconverted after the first vaccination.’
    • ‘Never divulging his sexual orientation to his attending doctors, he was diagnosed with a form of Lane disease when in fact he was seroconverting.’
    • ‘This could be due to failure to seroconvert following vaccination and further emphasises the need for serological surveillance.’
    • ‘However, patients will not seroconvert until about 22 to 27 days postexposure.’
    • ‘Having remained HIV-negative all that time, he now seroconverts.’