Definition of sermonizer in US English:


(British sermoniser)


  • See sermonize

    • ‘Yet although she clearly possesses both a vision of theatre's social role and an interest in the fate of those at the fringes of society, she is no sermoniser.’
    • ‘If the broadsheets were badly written, if the sermonisers and pundits couldn't speak in coherent sentences, if you routinely turned the radio on to hear people not making any sense, it would all be much easier to dismiss.’
    • ‘And one of the main reasons for boardroom chicanery is that far too much of the ‘money out’ goes to governments, which may pay lip service to reducing taxes but, like the secular sermonisers of the left, talk a much better game than they play.’
    • ‘More and more of these gentlemen seem to feel impelled to do this, too, even though the truth is that there are not many sermonizers who can carry it off successfully.’
    • ‘Devout young parents, presiding over their growing broods with apparent joy and serenity, preached more eloquently to the community that watched them than the most accomplished sermonizer could do.’