Definition of serious-minded in US English:



  • Sincere, solemn, or thoughtful in character or manner.

    ‘a weighty, worthy, serious-minded film’
    ‘my mother is serious-minded and often depressed’
    • ‘It was a neat experiment, and many serious-minded moviegoers and critics appreciated the effort.’
    • ‘The heavy shadows that cling to the orchestration of his more serious-minded works disappear.’
    • ‘She is a serious-minded young woman who has not had her head turned by the trappings of fame.’
    • ‘Find a training partner who is as serious-minded as you are or train alone.’
    • ‘Their wings have been clipped by the serious-minded, financially-motivated, cautious "suits" who do the hiring in modern baseball.’
    • ‘His style and structure varies as well: often seen as a dark and pessimistic writer, his tone can also by turns be light-hearted as well as serious-minded.’
    • ‘"No doubt he's a great salesman, but I don't think he's serious-minded."’
    • ‘He was a shy and delicate child and always lacked stamina but was exceptionally diligent and serious-minded.’
    • ‘The winners this year were mostly serious-minded elders from traditional communities.’
    • ‘Despite his mad rocker image I found him sensitive and serious-minded.’