Definition of seriate in US English:



  • Arranged or occurring in one or more series.

    ‘rocks with seriate textures’
    • ‘The charcoal consists entirely of pycnoxylic coniferopsid wood characterized by 30-40 m diameter tracheids with contiguous, oval, seriate, alternate, bordered pitting on their radial walls and blank tangential walls.’
    consecutive, in a row, straight, solid, sequential, succeeding, in succession, following, serial, running, continuous, unbroken, uninterrupted
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[with object]technical
  • Arrange (items) in a sequence according to prescribed criteria.

    ‘a program which seriates the classes’
    • ‘Alternative seriation goals can determine which criteria an analyst chooses to use to optimally seriate targets/responses.’
    • ‘It was Piaget who first discussed the ability to seriate as a developmental phenomenon.’
    • ‘When seriating sites based on percentages of different ceramic types, for example, the ceramic types are the classes and the site assemblages (containing varying proportions of the types) are the groups.’


Mid 19th century: back-formation from seriation, from series.