Definition of serial number in US English:

serial number


  • A number showing the position of an item in a series, especially one printed on paper currency or on a manufactured article for the purposes of identification.

    ‘every bike has a serial number on it’
    • ‘When manufactured in Sydney in 1940 it was given the military serial number 208.’
    • ‘We are now appealing to people to bring along the serial numbers or photographs of items which have been stolen.’
    • ‘If a defect is found it is marked on the inside rail, including assigning a serial number to identify it.’
    • ‘They were trying to see if they could identify him by the serial number on his gun.’
    • ‘The only thing that can help in this case is if the device has some form of unique identifier, such as a serial number.’
    • ‘US intelligence has recorded their serial numbers to identify their source.’
    • ‘With an electrical item, they will often call the manufacturer with the serial number in an effort to locate the owner.’
    • ‘However, keep a separate note of the contact telephone number and the cheques' serial numbers, and don't keep this information with the cheques.’
    • ‘Officers called the owner after inspecting the bike's serial numbers.’
    • ‘The problem came to light after members of the public complained that the serial numbers on the postal vote and identification form did not match, making their votes technically invalid.’
    • ‘But the items being posted online are pieces without serial numbers or other personal inscriptions.’
    • ‘With a serial number, a supplier can identify its customer - although it may not expect to receive such requests.’
    • ‘The development could be good news for the Bank of England, which recently withdrew its new £5 notes after it was discovered the serial numbers could be wiped off.’
    • ‘You do this by looking at serial numbers and checking the manufacturer's database.’
    • ‘Their identity was changed to have French and American serial numbers.’
    • ‘The serial numbers are printed on adhesive strips, so I put the strip on the case.’
    • ‘Mark them with your postcode and keep a note of serial numbers in a safe place - it really can help trace an item as well as track down the person who stole it.’
    • ‘Forensic examinations had shown that some of the parts still bore serial numbers or other identification markings, but that on others the markings had been removed.’
    • ‘Where possible, mark your property with your postcode and house number, and note any serial numbers.’
    • ‘The passenger would be able to identify his bus by its serial number.’


serial number

/ˈsɪriəl ˈnəmbər//ˈsirēəl ˈnəmbər/