Definition of serger in US English:



  • A sewing machine used for overcasting to prevent material from fraying at the edge.

    • ‘Fast and easy, professional results can be achieved when sewing sweater fabric with a serger.’
    • ‘When removing a needle, keep it threaded so it's easily pulled out if dropped into the serger.’
    • ‘Thread the serger with thread to match the skirt fabric.’
    • ‘Some older sergers require special needles that don't have a flat side.’
    • ‘For a butted seam using the serger, completely trim away the seam allowances and use a 2-thread flatlock stitch without trimming.’
    • ‘To this day, I dread sitting down at a serger, and have the utmost respect for anyone with the gift of building their own wardrobe from scratch.’
    • ‘Originally my collection of machines consisted of a very basic sewing machine, and a serger.’
    • ‘Tape one - out of the way - to the side of the sewing machine and serger and these essentials will always be at hand.’
    • ‘Rethread the serger with thread that matches the shirt fabric, and adjust for an overlock stitch.’
    • ‘Use plastic bags from stores or freezer bags as garbage catchers attached to your cutting table or serger.’
    • ‘Place the serger on one table, and then the sewing machine on the other.’
    • ‘Toss the completed shirt onto the board behind the serger with shoulders toward the machine.’
    • ‘However, we are so used to seeing serged seams, that I always finish the seams on the serger.’
    • ‘If using conventional thread spools, utilize the thread caps that came with the serger to prevent the thread from catching on the spool edge.’
    • ‘Although he's associated with detailed handwork, he happily uses the serger and the sewing machine for many special effects.’
    • ‘The serger makes quick work of patches - in ways both functional and fun.’
    • ‘The four raw edges of the stitched panel were stabilized with a serger to prevent raveling and folded to the back of the panel.’
    • ‘Various thread management accessories are available for both sergers and conventional sewing machines to help you modify how the thread feeds.’
    • ‘Adjust the serger to a very wide, medium to long stitch to avoid stretched seams.’
    • ‘Fancier edge stitches could include binding with Lycra, blanket stitch, pinking, overcast with the serger, or turning under and stitching.’