Definition of serenely in US English:



  • In a calm, peaceful, and untroubled manner.

    ‘she smiled serenely’
    ‘he is serenely confident in his own abilities’
    • ‘A Pickford aficionado, the director talks about being inspired by her serenely Canadian approach to close-ups.’
    • ‘In 1965, black leaders marched serenely in smart suits, quoting the Bible.’
    • ‘A combination of library, cinema, academic centre, and film studio, its windows glow serenely on the featureless horizon.’
    • ‘She serenely showed off the classic panache demanded of the last act.’
    • ‘The pages flutter gently, flap around like mad, or sail serenely on.’
    • ‘Once an isolated canyon and the sacred hunting and storytelling ground of the Ute tribe, the area remains serenely quiet.’
    • ‘In the opening movement, the flute sings serenely against the orchestral strings in held chords.’
    • ‘For serenely affluent Venetians 500 years ago, such things were everyday objects.’
    • ‘Enormous personal sacrifices by thousands of employees eloquently bore out the rather unusual fact that people can really act serenely in a crisis.’
    • ‘Once the initial awareness of nakedness had been absorbed, the mind settles down serenely to watch the dance.’