Definition of serendipitously in US English:



  • See serendipitous

    • ‘It turned out that my first day in the USA, entirely serendipitously, had coincided with the weekend that the 1968 Democratic National Convention was getting under way.’
    • ‘Martin's investigation of this mystery, while still in New York, coincided serendipitously with his overcooking of a pot of rice.’
    • ‘It's kinda something that just serendipitously happens.’
    • ‘The intimacy and humanity of these serendipitously encountered green areas in what will again become a densely populated place is one of the great pleasures of this plan.’
    • ‘But serendipitously, one of the helpers that had been assisting one of the suspects was caught on one of our closed circuit television cameras that the museum had installed, and he was found to be carrying a bucket.’