Definition of sequestrum in US English:


nounPlural sequestra

  • A piece of dead bone tissue occurring within a diseased or injured bone, typically in chronic osteomyelitis.

    • ‘Although bone sequestra and abscess are treated surgically, further extension of the operation may be counterproductive because it may expose healthy bone to the infection.’
    • ‘Despite 77 courses of antibiotics, these 12 patients required an additional 17 surgical debridements to rid the pelvis of the bone sequestrum.’
    • ‘Two of these patients underwent drilling of the lesions, one underwent internal fixation, and one had a loose body of the osteochondritis sequestrum removed.’
    • ‘The radiographs may reveal osteolysis, periosteal reaction and sequestra.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, neuter of Latin sequester ‘standing apart’.