Definition of sequencer in US English:



  • 1A programmable electronic device for storing sequences of musical notes, chords, or rhythms and transmitting them when required to an electronic musical instrument.

    • ‘They then were asked to record the pieces, via a MIDI sequencer, in an expressionless manner.’
    • ‘If you wanted, for instance, to send the output of an analog sequencer to multiple synths, you had to literally provide a sequencer for each synth.’
    • ‘Also, a fourth model for each phrase was created that was expressionless - the MIDI sequencer was programmed to have mechanically uniform levels of dynamics and tempo throughout the model.’
    • ‘An additional benefit of this setup is that it allows transfers between any two sequencers on either Mac or PC platforms.’
    • ‘The foursome play along seamlessly to a sequencer which provides not so much backing as flavourings; electronic percussion and samples from the outer edge of somewhere.’
    • ‘The singer was one of these gutteral-voiced types and the guitarist seemed to spend more time tuning his guitar than actually playing, whilst the synths and sequencers drowned everything else out.’
    • ‘The basic design of a tracker is similar to a MIDI pattern sequencer.’
    • ‘Chuck out all the props, swap instruments, sit down at a sequencer and learn how to make music in a new way.’
    • ‘Kraftwerk used and combined synthesizers, vocoders, custom-built sequencers, rudimentary rhythm boxes, and home made drum pads in a fashion unlike anything previously heard.’
    • ‘Understated but well-placed sequencers on ‘Our Town,’ the impressive and sweeping album opener, work.’
    • ‘My main instrument is the guitar, although I also use keyboards, synthesisers, and sequencers in my musical meanderings.’
    • ‘At the same time, you kind of forget - what with all of the keyboards and the sequencers - how fast the show moves.’
    • ‘The way he plays is not the way we play - he uses stuff like sequencers.’
    • ‘There is no provision for real-time instrumental or expressive input at all, unless you use a separate MIDI sequencer and do a lot of file swapping.’
    • ‘We're not using any loops, samples or sequencers for our shows.’
    • ‘A tracker resembles a looping pattern MIDI sequencer.’
    • ‘On the first album, the sequencers added a modern element and gave the songs their thickness and warmth.’
    • ‘For example, you could have a suite of analog drum synths controlled by a sequencer.’
    • ‘Their electronic stuff is not dominated by a sequencer: tempos are loose and free.’
    • ‘They haven't added drum machines or sequencers.’
  • 2Biochemistry
    An apparatus for determining the sequence of amino acids or other monomers in a biological polymer.

    • ‘The center's laboratory was recently equipped with a DNA sequencer, an apparatus that allows her to identify individual fish by their genes.’
    • ‘The sequencer can automatically analyze multiple runs of 96 DNA samples, making unattended 24-hour operation possible.’
    • ‘DNA sequencing was carried out using the dye termination kit and an automatic sequencer.’
    • ‘Going straight from the microbial to the human genome was a big step because when we set this up we didn't know for sure that the DNA sequencers would work.’
    • ‘One representative of each gene was subcloned and sequenced using cycle sequencing and an automatic sequencer.’