Definition of separation anxiety in US English:

separation anxiety


  • Anxiety provoked in a young child by separation or the threat of separation from their mother.

    • ‘Indeed, closely aligned and overlapping neurochemical circuits may underlie separation anxiety and panic.’
    • ‘Additionally, they exhibited other unusual postures and perseverative behaviors and fail to evince normal separation anxiety when removed from their mothers.’
    • ‘At the end of this period the rapprochement with reality involves experiencing separation anxiety when the mother is not present, and also features the need to reconnect with mother.’
    • ‘The treatment summarized in this article has empirical evidence for producing positive treatment response in children with social phobia, separation anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder.’
    • ‘Young children had a more depressed appearance, more somatic complaints, a greater degree of psychomotor agitation, more phobias, separation anxiety, and hallucinations.’