Definition of separate school in US English:

separate school


  • A school receiving students from a particular religious group.

    • ‘Every separate school get a different uniform.’
    • ‘In some Canadian provinces, Catholic separate schools are fully funded, while their funding in other provinces ranges from 0 to 50 per cent.’
    • ‘To protect ourselves from the perceived evils of Quebec nationalism and fears of assimilation, we live holed up in separate communities, separate schools and hospitals.’
    • ‘In Canada, the lower consent rate, the smaller schools, and the fact that children from the same neighbourhood could attend either public or Catholic separate schools often rendered the nominated friend unavailable.’
    • ‘Okay, when you fill out your income tax forms here you can indicate which you'd rather your education taxes went to, separate schools or public schools.’


separate school

/ˈsɛpəˌreɪt skul/