Definition of sensu lato in US English:

sensu lato


  • In the broad sense.

    • ‘Notable omissions include microsporidia and long-branching fungi, leaving chytrids to represent fungi sensu lato.’
    • ‘What has been at issue is the place that the group occupies within the Arthropoda, sensu lato.’
    • ‘Botanical source appears to be Cupressaceae sensu lato, also based on amber chemistry and direct association with wood and cone scales.’
    • ‘I am aware that there are over 600 species of Eucalyptus sensu lato and that they do not all show the same response to fire, and I acknowledge that I did not witness the destruction of the Weston Creek laboratory.’
    • ‘Thus, Callianassa sensu lato are not helpful in making environmental determinations.’




sensu lato

/ˌsenso͞o ˈlädō/