Definition of sensorineural in US English:



  • (of hearing loss) caused by a lesion or disease of the inner ear or the auditory nerve.

    • ‘Vitamin B family medication is prescribed whenever sensorineural hearing loss exists, such as in our case, to promote the recovery of this component of hearing loss.’
    • ‘Symptoms include the acute onset of vertigo, sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus, nausea and emesis.’
    • ‘Moreover, tinnitus is often found in people with severe sensorineural hearing loss or following physical damage to the inner ear, which would argue against a cochlear origin for the condition.’
    • ‘Temporal bone fractures can cause unilateral sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.’
    • ‘To some extent the utility of the various hearing screening tests depends on the age of the patient and whether hearing loss is sensorineural or conductive.’