Definition of sensitive plant in US English:

sensitive plant


  • 1A tropical American plant of the pea family, whose leaflets fold together and leaves bend down when touched. A common weed of sugar cane, it has become naturalized throughout the tropics.

    Mimosa pudica, family Leguminosae

    • ‘In temperate climates, the sensitive plant is grown mainly as an indoor plant, usually for its fascinating behaviour.’
    • ‘Mimosa, the sensitive plant, folds up its leaves at night and opens them again in the day.’
    • ‘The sensitive plant commonly sold in stores as a curiosity is a member of the pea family.’
  • 2informal A delicate or sensitive person.

    • ‘Perhaps the pressure was up because Godard was contested territory, favoured by the Screen group but also ‘the darling of the sensitive plants of Sight and Sound’.’
    • ‘The implication is that poet-critics are some kind of sensitive plant, and their heads are easily turned.’


sensitive plant

/ˈsensədiv plant/