Definition of senselessness in US English:



  • See senseless

    • ‘It makes me so angry that a few minutes of senselessness has denied so many people of our facilities.’
    • ‘But when the global groundswell of goodwill leads not to a sensible expression of protest but to the senselessness of violence and vandalism, the message gets lost in the mayhem and the exploitation continues almost without comment.’
    • ‘I am a legacy of this process having been raised in a generation that learned about the holocaust at a very early age and saw its brutality and senselessness through black and white photographs.’
    • ‘Now that they knew they were going to live, they were aware of the senselessness of their lives.’
    • ‘The noninterventionist movement grew during the 1930s, partly as a result of the seeming senselessness that occurred during the First World War.’