Definition of sensei in US English:



  • (in martial arts) a teacher.

    as title ‘Sensei Ritchie began work’
    • ‘But since he beat every one in the dojo, won the tournament, and beat the sensei, the sensei offered him a job to help run the dojo.’
    • ‘God, he's fast for an old guy, she mused, dodging a roundhouse kick from her sensei.’
    • ‘However his Judo sensei appreciated his talent and persuaded his father to allow him to pursue Judo as a career.’
    • ‘In terms of a martial art, a sensei is the one with more experience who can guide you along the path.’
    • ‘Only the senior sensei of the Dojo can have his back to the Kamiza.’


Japanese, from sen ‘previous’ + sei ‘birth’.