Definition of senior citizen in English:

senior citizen


  • An elderly person, especially one who is retired and living on a pension.

    • ‘The senior citizens annual party will take place in early May and invitations will be going out shortly.’
    • ‘At the age of sixty Pauline had a Golden Age party - a celebration of being a senior citizen, the beginning of a new and exciting phase of life.’
    • ‘You have your pensioners - here in the US we have our senior citizens - I am one of them.’
    • ‘I wonder how many senior citizens can increase their pensions to met inflation.’
    • ‘She wrote to fellow senior citizens across the country's nursing homes, encouraging them to follow her lead.’
    • ‘The government seems to be moving away from the pension for senior citizens.’
    • ‘Parliament had agreed to increase the pension rate for senior citizens, but in fact it wasn't being increased at all.’
    • ‘We invite senior citizens, especially our neighbours, to visit the Centre twice a month.’
    • ‘Refreshments will be served and the special guests will be the senior citizens who took part in the project.’
    • ‘Then in the late 1970's, a crime wave and the creation of the League brought him out of retirement, already a senior citizen.’
    • ‘Post retirement, many senior citizens may find it difficult to cope with the change.’
    • ‘Special concession rates are available for families, senior citizens and students.’
    • ‘The two had been corresponding over concessions to senior citizens.’
    • ‘Firstly, the Citadel hosts local groups, for mother and toddlers, senior citizens and others.’
    • ‘I am making this appeal on behalf of the little children, senior citizens and single mothers.’
    • ‘In any case, the demographic trend is in favour of senior citizens.’
    • ‘Most of the senior citizens prefer and desire to travel according to their pockets.’
    • ‘Wednesday's lovely sunshine greatly added to the enjoyment of the day for the senior citizens.’
    • ‘As a retired senior citizen living on a main road, I would like to apply for £4,000 worth of improvement work to be carried out on my property.’
    • ‘The problems faced by senior citizens in South Africa also occur in neighbouring countries.’
    retired person, oap
    old person, elderly person, elder, old fogey, dotard, methuselah, patriarch
    senior, retiree, golden ager
    old stager, old-timer, oldie, ancient, wrinkly, crock, crumbly
    buffer, josser
    oldster, woopie
    retirer, pensionary
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senior citizen

/ˈsinjər ˈsɪdɪzən/