Definition of senility in English:



  • The condition of being senile.

    ‘the onset of senility’
    • ‘The concept of senility may also be a generalization from the increasing number of older people who develop dementia.’
    • ‘For the general practitioner a well-used library is one of the few correctives of the premature senility which is so apt to overtake him.’
    • ‘People fear attenuated senility more than death.’
    • ‘Deafness is a catalyst that pushes many elderly people into seclusion, isolation, and even senility.’
    • ‘Diminished alertness from these drugs in elderly patients may be confused with senility or dementia.’
    decrepitude, infirmity, feebleness, unsteadiness, senescence, decline, old age, dotage, second childhood, confusion, senile dementia
    softening of the brain
    caducity, anility
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