Definition of send out for something in US English:

send out for something

phrasal verb

  • Order delivery of something.

    ‘we sent out for pizza’
    • ‘Hogan was so embarrassed that he sent out for a brand new shirt and had it delivered within half an hour.’
    • ‘Everything was done and dusted by the time we sent out for pizzas - and a pie on a roll for Andy - on Saturday lunchtime.’
    • ‘‘Watson,’ he said ‘be so good as to ask Mrs Hudson to send out for a live rabbit from the pet shop off Brook Street.’’
    • ‘Diners will have sympathised with Ivan, who grew so fed up last week waiting for the chef to cook his dinner that he sent out for an Indian takeaway.’
    • ‘We're just sending out for sandwiches - ham all right for you, Mr Goldberg?’
    • ‘Chizoba had just sent out for a double latte, and William had disappeared like a shadow on a cloudy day; one minute he was there, the next he was not.’
    • ‘Wrote bits of script, drank beer and sent out for a takeaway and everything.’
    • ‘Otherwise we send out for a Chinese or get something prepared for us downstairs.’
    • ‘Hollywood is where if you don't have happiness you send out for it.’
    • ‘Chain-smoking in his silk dressing gown Apollo would occasionally send out for an antique or a rentboy.’