Definition of semisweet in US English:



  • 1(of food) only slightly sweetened.

    ‘semisweet chocolates’
    • ‘The tequila fills the mouth with a lavish array of warm flavors, largely floral and semi-sweet spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.’
    • ‘The pot de creme au chocolat was an excellent semi-sweet pudding accompanied by ginger biscuits.’
    • ‘When she ran out of baking chocolate, she broke a bar of semi-sweet chocolate into little pieces and added them to the dough.’
    • ‘It is delightful with chocolate cake and semi-sweet chocolate desserts and candies.’
    • ‘I brought out warm spiced eggnog, and small, semi-sweet tea cookies as we opened our presents.’
    1. 1.1 (of wine) neither dry nor sweet; slightly sweeter than medium dry.
      • ‘Very palatable semi-sweet style with ripe pear and mineral flavours and a tangy, yeasty finish.’
      • ‘They come in shades of gold, amber and ruby, according to the mix of grapes, and are sweet, semi-sweet and dry.’
      • ‘Most Champagnes tend towards a dry, elegant style, but many other sparkling wines (such as Asti-Spumanti for example) are lighter in alcohol and sweet, or semi-sweet.’
      • ‘It has a light, satiny body and a spicy, semi-sweet palate.’
      • ‘I'd ordered a glass of semi-sweet house wine that was undrinkable.’