Definition of semirigid in English:



  • 1Stiff and solid, but not inflexible.

    ‘a semirigid polyethylene hose’
    • ‘Design and supervision of flexible and semi-rigid pavements adjusted to traffic forecast is a key issue in road construction.’
    • ‘For the museum project, Mulder shot-blasted the floor with an 80-grit profile, filled the control joints with a semi-rigid epoxy, and applied a 100% solids epoxy primer.’
    • ‘Separations along the top and bottom of coarse aggregate particles were a result of their slight movement in semi-rigid paste during application of the dry shake.’
    • ‘The different types of connections that are commonly used fill the entire flexibility spectrum from flexible ‘hinge like’ connections to semi-rigid connections to rigid connections.’
    • ‘Rigid, semi-rigid and flexible shoe inserts all can be used.’
    1. 1.1 (of an airship) having a stiffened keel attached to a flexible gas container.
      • ‘What is needed therefore is a structurally light and aerodynamic airship. All these characteristics are combined in a semi-rigid airship.’
      • ‘The main types of airship are non-rigid (or blimps), semi-rigid and rigid.’