Definition of semiretirement in US English:



  • See semiretired

    • ‘But most of us assumed this was where he had landed: in a comfortable semi-retirement away from the hurly-burly of management, raking in a happy weekly pay cheque without putting his heart on the touchline every week.’
    • ‘A later visit to Amsterdam sees the gang in semi-retirement on a houseboat, civilised, amenable, cultivated (even Fat Freddy), and, it would seem, all with girlfriends.’
    • ‘My allotment at South Street has been very successful and has provided me with much entertainment and new friendships in my semi-retirement as well as being a source of fresh vegetables for me and my family.’
    • ‘Following the Northfield, Minnesota robbery of 1876, and a three year semi-retirement, they picked up where they left off in 1879 robbing trains - but Missouri had changed.’
    • ‘Last year, Danny, who was already in semi-retirement, would throw a tantrum when the others got to go off to competitions in the early hours of the morning.’