Definition of semiprivate in US English:



  • 1Combining public and private elements.

    ‘the design gives every unit its own façade and a semiprivate balcony’
    • ‘Since 1999, Baratta has successfully steered the institution through its transition from a public agency to a semiprivate foundation that relies increasingly on earned income.’
    • ‘There are no high-end resorts, but for $80 a night, four people can rent a private cabin on a semiprivate beach or a couple can rent a comfortable room at a full-amenity hotel.’
    • ‘Power plants constitute obvious terrorist targets but are frequently operated by private or semiprivate corporations unwilling to pay to protect them.’
    • ‘Moreover, men find themselves in a public space while the women are in a semiprivate space.’
    • ‘In addition to streets and individual yards, larger complexes now included a variety of public or semiprivate open spaces: small parks, squares, or common courtyards defined by building walls.’
    1. 1.1 (of a hospital room) accommodating two patients.
      • ‘All the ICU patients were in private rooms; 28 of CCMU patients were in semiprivate rooms.’
      • ‘It began life as a tuberculosis clinic and is now a semiprivate hospital for civil servants.’
      • ‘They lay in hallways waiting for space in semiprivate rooms, where patients must be paired up according to level of illness or type of disease.’