Definition of semiology in US English:



  • another term for semiotics
    • ‘Interpreting images is a domain of semiology, the general science of signs.’
    • ‘He helped found the modern science of semiology, applying structuralism to the ‘myths’ he saw all around him: media, fashion, art, photography, architecture, and especially literature.’
    • ‘Deciding what I should say in my last 500 words ever in this space proved to be more daunting than writing a 10-page English paper on semiology.’
    • ‘I propose to write an essay that examines the application of three strains of French social thought - structural Marxism, semiology, and postmodernism - to analyzing the mass media.’
    • ‘Thus if semiology comes from linguistics, things become relatively simple.’


1920s: from Greek sēmeion ‘sign’ (from sēma ‘mark’) + -logy.