Definition of seminarian in US English:



  • See seminary

    • ‘Training must make available to seminarians the true ideals of serving the people of God in the person of Christ the Head in order to inspire them beyond the sterile identity which is clericalism.’
    • ‘Many priests and seminarians have always done this, and I hope this gives them the courage to know why and how they are both ‘sons and heirs’ of a true wisdom tradition.’
    • ‘Many, perhaps most, seminarians who believe they are being called to priesthood do not have a charism for celibacy - a graced aptitude for consecrated single life.’
    • ‘I lived in the house as a seminarian, I had to perform the spiritual exercises that were expected of a seminarian, going to church every day, saying the rosary, visiting the blessed sacrament, spiritual reading.’
    • ‘Though the study attends to lay students enrolled in theologates, its main focus is seminarians preparing for the priesthood.’