Definition of semimonocoque in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting aircraft or vehicle structures combining a load-bearing shell with integral frames.

    • ‘More than half the UAV's components are constructed of lightweight, high-strength composite materials, including its wings, wing fairings, empennage, aluminium, semi-monocoque construction.’
    • ‘The fuselage head is of semi-monocoque construction and includes the cockpit, radar compartments and the avionics bay.’
    • ‘The structure of the helicopter is a semi-monocoque design with an aluminium alloy frame.’
    • ‘The aircraft is of conventional semi-monocoque design and mainly aluminium alloy construction.’
    • ‘The aircraft is a low wing monoplane with a fuselage of semi-monocoque design constructed mainly of aluminum with steel and titanium.’