Definition of semigloss in US English:



  • A paint that dries to a moderately glossy sheen.

    • ‘He's thinking about using a semigloss ivory for the living room.’
    • ‘In older houses, stick with flat paint - rather than glossy or even semigloss - as much as possible (both inside and outside) because it helps disguise the nicks and unevenness that come with age.’
    • ‘The bunnies are hopping from the woodlot looking for fresh little clovers and chance sexual encounters and Mrs. Farmer Bob is thinking of repainting the breakfast nook a cheerful semigloss sunbeam yellow.’
    • ‘The longest dry time will be with a semigloss or gloss latex; allow about 24 hours for these to dry.’
    • ‘Painted walls near the work center should be covered with semigloss paint so they can be wiped clean.’