Definition of semicrystalline in US English:



  • (of a solid) possessing crystalline character to some degree.

    • ‘For example, it is not clear whether the major membrane protein complexes are locked into a semi-crystalline array, or whether they are freely mobile and interact transiently by collision, as is more normal in biological systems.’
    • ‘Quasicrystals are metal alloys that have a strange semi-crystalline five-fold symmetry that never quite repeats itself.’
    • ‘The initial hydrolytic attack on the intact, semi-crystalline starch granule is thought to be via endoamylases.’
    • ‘These two molecules are assembled together to form a semi-crystalline starch granule.’
    • ‘Water is an uncharged small molecule that readily penetrates lipid monolayers, biological membranes and semi-crystalline aliphatic polymers like polyethylene.’