Definition of semiconscious in US English:



  • 1(of a person) only partially conscious.

    ‘he dragged out the semiconscious pilot’
    • ‘But then I needed their attentiveness, as I was collapsed and semi-conscious at the top of a frozen wasteland, the nearest settlement being miles down the mountain.’
    • ‘Soon the entire crew is reduced to sweating and semi-conscious heaps of flatulent flesh.’
    • ‘Naturally, Prom time rolled around, and being gothic and hip, my natural inclination was to hover in a semi-conscious state of misery and darkness.’
    • ‘He cradled the semi-conscious Tenkou in his arms.’
    • ‘Don't walk, talk, or eat like a semi-conscious person.’
    • ‘And many would argue that intelligence is made up of unconscious, conscious, and semi-conscious elements, experiences.’
    • ‘And it was then, in that delirious, half-starved, semi-conscious state that she came up with a plan.’
    • ‘When not active, I lapsed into delirium and a semi-conscious state.’
    • ‘I'd be lying, semi-conscious in my hospital bed, laid low by my flaky pods, defenceless against her scheming ways.’
    • ‘Emerging from my semi-conscious state, I blinked away the stubborn black spots in front of my eyes, and was immediately tackled by a sobbing blonde thing.’
    • ‘Two weeks later, he was referred back to hospital after becoming semi-conscious and having convulsions.’
    • ‘Exhausted and semi-conscious, my peripheral awareness of a sort of beige abyss was occasionally punctuated by explosions of extreme color.’
    • ‘In September, a week before his death, he was taken to hospital after his wife found him semi-conscious in bed having taken an overdose of painkillers and whisky.’
    • ‘After the rescue, doctors said Chen's breath and heartbeat were both fast, and she was semi-conscious, entering a ‘bad’ state.’
    • ‘Both women were admitted to St Dominic's Hospital on Tuesday and underwent emergency surgery after they were found in a semi-conscious state.’
    • ‘If a heavy dose of this medicine is given, the patient becomes semi-conscious, his heart beat becomes slow and nervous system and resistance power also becomes weak.’
    • ‘Thirteen-year-old girls have had to be brought to hospital after being found semi-conscious from alcohol in public parks in Limerick.’
    • ‘Rick saw her coming and stepped between her and the paramedics who had just loaded a semi-conscious Jason onto a stretcher.’
    • ‘The semi-conscious bride and the manipulative groom pulling up to a Las Vegas wedding chapel drive-in did not conjure up images of a fairy tale romance.’
    • ‘He said he tried to pull his semi-conscious wife from the car because he was worried it could burst into flames but was unable to open the driver's door so he dragged her through the passenger side.’
    into a stupor, into a daze, into a state of unconsciousness, into oblivion
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    1. 1.1 (of a feeling or memory) of which the person experiencing it is only vaguely or partially aware.
      ‘semiconscious obsessions’
      • ‘Somehow you are always semiconscious of the possibility of showing your knickers, and keeping your knees together and whether or not it's riding up when you sit down.’
      • ‘It sent a semiconscious message about a newspaper's ability to reach a wide audience.’
      • ‘It was only after wasting a year's worth of boarding school education that I made the semiconscious decision to start painting my lungs with powder and devouring my academics.’
      • ‘The underlying process going on here is that patients endeavor in an unconscious or semiconscious way to produce symptoms that will correspond to the medical diagnostics of the time.’
      • ‘This fascination with the workings of the semiconscious mind and with the phenomenology of sense impression goes back to his earliest efforts.’