Definition of semiconducting in US English:



  • (of a material or device) having the properties of a semiconductor.

    • ‘So, photonic crystals are now typically made of insulating or semiconducting materials, such as titanium oxide, silicon dioxide, silicon, or gallium arsenide.’
    • ‘This 20-pound battery-operated detector uses the semiconducting properties of a germanium crystal to detect and analyze neutrons and gamma-rays, common by-products of radioactive decay.’
    • ‘Microprocessors are fabricated on a single crystal of a semiconducting material such as silicon or germanium.’
    • ‘This is how a computer works, by passing data between switches and memory devices made from semiconducting and magnetic materials.’
    • ‘Previous fingerprint sensors have exploited the capacitance between the skin and the surface of a semiconducting device, identifying the ridges and grooves of the finger from the difference in capacitance they produce.’
    • ‘Method of forming semiconductor-on-insulator electronic devices by growing monocrystalline semiconducting regions from trench sidewalls’
    • ‘Other types of detectors, like those that use a semiconducting material, are slower but provide more data about the gamma rays they pick up.’
    • ‘Chips are made with photolithography, where a beam of parallel light shines through a stencil-like mask onto a semiconducting material, and changes it so that acid will not etch the part exposed.’
    • ‘They may also be good for electronic devices because they are semiconducting and more predictable in their electronic properties.’
    • ‘Light emission from semiconducting polymers is a particularly promising area of application, most notably in displays.’
    • ‘A sensor film made of a novel semiconducting organic polymer undergoes a lasing process when exposed to ultraviolet light.’
    • ‘What this means is that metallic carbon nanotubes can be separated from semiconducting carbon nanotubes, and the latter can be sorted by diameter.’
    • ‘Generally, the ferroelectric structure combines a thin film ferroelectric variable resistor and a substrate transistor, using a semiconducting film which is common to both.’
    • ‘To begin, the researchers use chemical deposition of a vapour of a semiconducting material - silicon, indium arsenide or gallium hosphide, for instance - on catalytic gold seeds.’
    • ‘A method and apparatus for processing a wafer comprising a material selected from an electrical semiconducting material and an electrical insulating material.’
    • ‘If you got here by mistake, and were looking for gardening tools or something, you've probably had enough of semiconducting stuff.’
    • ‘Many calculators and watches are run by solar cells, which use semiconducting materials that absorb sunlight and then convert the light into energy by a process called the photovoltaic effect.’
    • ‘By stretching - or ‘straining’, as it's called in the trade - a lattice of silicon atoms, chip makers improve the ability of electrons to flow through the semiconducting material.’
    • ‘The most common approach is to use sunlight to knock electrons out of a semiconducting material like silicon, creating an electric current.’
    • ‘They have also proposed a method for separating the metallic from the semiconducting nanotubes using the intrinsic magnetic properties of the nanotubes themselves.’