Definition of semiclassical in US English:



  • 1(of music) having elements of both classical and popular music.

    • ‘His repertoire is considered wide and includes classical as well as semi-classical songs.’
    • ‘It's hard to pull out one single track for mention since the album is mostly classical or semi-classical music and is meant to be heard in its entirety.’
    • ‘This is a state-sanctioned occasion, and it is a stately spectacle with many whirlers and a semi-classical orchestra staged in a basketball stadium in front of coachloads of Japanese tourists.’
    • ‘They've continually broken new ground, arranging traditional tunes in a semi-classical way, then going on to write their own material for a variety of films.’
    • ‘Every musician has a background of classical semi-classical or folk music which enables him to compose new tunes and melodies.’
  • 2Physics
    (of a theory or method) intermediate between a classical or Newtonian description and one based on quantum mechanics or relativity.

    • ‘Rotational contributions were estimated in the semiclassical approximation for the free rotor considering both monomers and dimers as rigid molecules.’
    • ‘It remains the case that most people are quite skeptical that we will ever make sense of the Euclidean path integral, especially in the semi-classical regime.’
    • ‘One might have anticipated that the nature of very low-frequency modes might be amenable to semiclassical analysis.’
    • ‘A semiclassical analysis of the electronic transition process indicates that a significant fraction of the S 1 population decays to S 0 at each crossing point.’
    • ‘We demonstrate that the classical and semiclassical models provide a physically reasonable estimate of both the timescale of vibrational relaxation and the pathways of the energy flow.’