Definition of semicivilized in US English:


(British semi-civilised)


  • Partially civilized.

    • ‘Feeling, however, that he should try to make some use of the current situation - at least he was around semi-civilized people for the time being - he stood up and rapped upon the table.’
    • ‘I have never been married, have one literate semi-civilised 12-year-old son and still have a sense of humour, so you could say I am relatively house trained.’
    • ‘Last year, we actually had a semi-civilized debate on where to dine for lunch.’
    • ‘Great premise, especially when we take a gander at how the semi-civilized deep South might react to this sort of ‘modernizing’ of their untainted landscape.’
    • ‘‘The chief, at least, seems semi-civilized,’ Adriana said.’