Definition of semiannually in US English:



  • See semiannual

    • ‘Interest will be paid semi-annually over the ten-year duration of the loan and the principal repaid, after a 42-month principal moratorium in 14 equal semi-annual instalments to 2015.’
    • ‘Right now the plan is to conduct Patriot Night Owl training annually and then eventually semi-annually.’
    • ‘The terms of the loan is for five years at an interest rate of 15 per cent per annum and is payable semi-annually with a moratorium period of one year.’
    • ‘In many markets, the big daily acts like a quasi-monopoly, raising advertising rates annually or semi-annually - anything to reach those historic 30 percent margins.’
    • ‘We would expect them to leave the executives to do their job and meet perhaps quarterly or semi-annually.’