Definition of semi-invalid in US English:



  • A partially disabled or somewhat infirm person.

    • ‘In 1925, when she was still at medical school, she suffered appalling injuries in a traffic accident, leaving her a permanent semi-invalid, often in severe pain.’
    • ‘Her cough and headaches had frightened all of them for years but after David's death she became a semi-invalid calling for pity and everyone's care until her death at the age of 76.’
    • ‘He was involved in a horrific car accident that claimed the life of his mother and was to make his father a semi-invalid, in and out of hospital for many years.’
    • ‘Worrying about my health and living as a semi-invalid did nothing to help with my recuperation, so I just said to hell with it, I might as well throw myself into training, even if it kills me.’
    • ‘At home, Hank also has to deal with his racist father, Buck, himself a retired corrections officer and now a semi-invalid who spends his time filling scrapbooks with the latest information on death row happenings.’