Definition of semesterly in US English:



  • Happening or appearing once per academic semester.

    ‘fines may be added onto semesterly expenses’
    • ‘When asked how a $50,000-event would fit into a semesterly events budget of $7,000, Rozell said she expected some of the costs to be recovered.’
    • ‘The program could allow students, staff and faculty to use their library cards as three-zone bus passes with payment of a semesterly fee, estimated at $60 - $80.’
    • ‘The SFSS is a non-profit organisation funded by a semesterly student activity fee.’
    • ‘Discontent with the subsidised transit pass stemmed from the mandatory payment of the $23 per month fee, included in semesterly student fees.’
    • ‘What confounded many critics, politicians, and on a semesterly basis continues to trouble the (mostly white) students to whom I teach the film, is the apparent lack of narrative logic leading to Mookie's action.’